ZKasino Sign Up

Deposit ZKAS to get your ETH back on Ethereum mainnet.

You can now sign up by depositing your ZKAS. The bridge back closes in 72 hours from opening. By signing up you accept to forfeit the upcoming 14 months of ZKAS release. Read the details in the Medium post.

How does it work?
Deposit $ZKAS

Bridgers must use their original ETH deposit address on the ZKasino EVM Chain to deposit their $ZKAS balance.

Data Verification

The sign-up data will be shared for public verification as soon as possible after sign-ups close. The data will show the addresses able to claim ETH.

Claim $ETH

A claim portal will be opened after the data verification. Bridgers will be able to claim their ETH at a 1:1 ratio on Ethereum Mainnet.